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Mehrsa Publications was born in 2011 as a specialized publisher in the field of "Brain and Cognition" in order to produce a great educational content for a wide range of educated audiences from therapists to clients,families and the general public in Mehromah Publishing Group.

Adult and Children Brain Club Collection of Books to Improve Brain and Psychological Abilities

Producing step-by-step self-directed books aimed at improving brain abilities is one of the publishing priorities. In the adult section, the books Brain Club, Brain Club (2); Attention and Focus, Brain Club (3); Memory and Learning, Brain Club Control, Brain Planning Office/Brain Planner, My Brain and Painting's Six-Volume Collection, as well as the translation of brain enhancement resources such as Memory Development, Brain Development, and The Brain Rehabilitation Workbook are products of the series. In the children's section, stories aimed at empowering children and boosting their brain functions in the form of books like Your Wonderful Brain, I Can't Find My Things, Planning All Things Together, Baking Brain, Stone Brain, Walnut and... has been published.